Computerised Fully Automatic Brinell Hardness

FORCE TECHNO ENGINEERS Computerised Brinell Hardness Tester, Model B 3000-PC-FA is fabricators from steel plates and is designed for precise loading systems. It is fully automatic machine for production testing,. Once the job is placed on testing table and a push button for operation cycle is pressed, the job is raised and swiveled and brought in contact with claming device. Then indentor is swivelled and brought in vertical loading position .

The loading operation starts. After preset dwelling timer, unloading operation starts. As soon as load is fully removed, the indentor is swivelled and the image is digitalized using a CCD camera fitted on machine and captured by PC. The diameters of identation are measured by PC and the Brinell Hardness is displayed on monitor with the help of “State of Art Technology” software. The job is lowered down and here the auto cycle is over.Optionally the machine can be operated after a lapse of interval without operation of push button, so that operator has only to loading and unloading of job on machine.

This tester is designed for measuring hardness of metallic parts with wide testing range from soft to hard and its accurate results are widely acclaimed. This tester conforms to IS:2281, BS:10003-2 and ASTM E-10.

Features :
  • Fully automatic machine for production testing.
  • Full computerised (PC based) Brinell Hardness tester.
  • Direct and accurate measurement Brinell hardness number using “ State of Art” image processing technology.
  • Wide testing range: From soft metal such as lead up to hardest, like tempered steel.
  • High accuracy & repeatability of measurement at all loads.
  • Advanced Window 95/98/NT based software:
    • Latest GUI features with user friendly software.
    • On line indentation setting and focusing on PC monitor.
    • Advances image processing : Algorithms implemented for precise calculations of hardness numbers with various options to cover all ranges of specimen.
    • Batch file processing : Option for data / storage and reports generation.
    • Statistical Evaluation : Software for calculating standard deviation, mean, medium, frequency distribution graph, variation graph etc.
    • Calibrating mode facility.
    • Extendibility for feature advanced image processing analysis, requirements.
    • “ Auto measurement start “ from machine.
Scope of Supply
  • Basic machine with CCD camera, optics with illumination systems and connecting cable.
  • PCI video capture card with driver software.
  • PC and windows operating system is to by produced by customer.
Load range 250 to 3000 kgf in steps of 2580 kgf.
Max test height 380 mm
Depth of throat 200 mm
Machine height ( approx ) 1185 mm
Net weight ( approx ) 450 kgs
Drive power 0.66 HP
Mains supply 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Measuring accuracy with CCD camera
and built in optics
0.01 mm
Dwell timer 1 to 99 sec.
Raising / lowering 240 mm/min
Standard Accessories
Testing Table 200 mm 1 No.
Testing Table 70 mm 1 No.
Ball Holder 5 mm 1 No.
Ball Holder 10 mm 1 No.
Test block HB 5/750 1 No.
Test block HB 10/3000 1 No.
Telescopic cover for elevating screw protection 1 Set
Instruction Manual 1 No.